Handmade ornaments add not only beauty to a Christmas tree, but a sense of family and tradition. Beaded ornaments will last for decades and will certainly become treasured family heirlooms. 

Perhaps they will not have huge monetary value, but they will definitely have sentimental value.
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Making sequined ornaments is not hard and these Sequin Lantern Ornaments would be quite lovely on any Christmas tree.

I personally have several handmade beaded ornaments that my own mother made nearly 40 years ago. They are one of my greatest treasures. They still sparkle, shine and reflect my mother’s love for her family and home. To me, they are priceless!  

Everything you need to make 6 Lantern Sequin ornaments is included in this kit.

NOTE:  I'm sorry, but this item is currently sold out!  Please visit the House of Sylvestermouse eBayStore to View Available Ornament Kits.


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  1. How charming these look! What a great addition to a Christmas tree and a fun way to have a family craft time, too.


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