Discover Hidden Treasures for Christmas

These ornaments are call "hidden treasures", which is a totally appropriate name for the ornaments. Seeing them hanging on the Christmas tree, really is like discovering a hidden treasure! They are lovely little trinkets nestled away in the boughs of the trees.
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I really do enjoy making my own Christmas ornaments, but more than that, I enjoy giving them to my friends and family. When I make a gift for someone, it is sharing a part of myself and it is extremely rewarding to know that they treasure the gift.

These particular ornaments are fairly easy to make and the kit includes everything you need to make 8 ornaments, which means there could be several gifts taken care of in one kit. Of course, you may choose to make the whole set for one recipient and what a wonderful treasure they would receive.

Beautiful handmade gifts loving made that will adorn the tree for decades to come. I will warn you though, you will be quite tempted to keep the Hidden Treasure Ornaments for yourself.  


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  1. Definitely a set of ornaments I would want to keep. So I guess I will need to make several sets for that I can share them with family.


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