Christmas Bookmarks in Plastic Canvas Bookmarks for All Occasions Book

Plastic Canvas Bookmarks for All Occasions
Plastic Canvas is by far the easiest Needlepoint craft!  Bookmarks are among the easiest plastic canvas item you can make.  Therefore, this book is a must have for everyone who enjoys plastic canvas.

The Plastic Canvas Bookmarks for All Occasions book has lots of awesome plastic canvas holiday designs.  The Santa and snowman are the two Christmas bookmarks featured in the book.  Those two designs alone are enough to recommend the book.  However, you will be thrilled with the additional holiday plastic canvas bookmark designs too.

They include a bunny rabbit for Easter, a ghost for Halloween, Uncle Sam for the 4th of July, a special design for Mom on Mother's Day, and several others that would be fun to make and give.

All plastic canvas enthusiasts will want this book on their shelf!  Actually, they will want it off the shelf and in front of them while they stitch beautiful bookmarks for the holidays.

Bookmarks make great gifts for friends and family.  They are also ideal for using as decoration or tags on a wrapped present.  Each time the recipient marks their place in a book, they will think of you.  They really are wonderful fast and easy handmade gifts.

Plastic Canvas Bookmarks for All Occasions Book 

The book contains designs for 16 fabulously fun bookmarks created for a variety of holidays and special days throughout the year.  The ladybug, bee or frog bookmarks would be awesome for any day, but perfect for a child's birthday.  These cute bookmarks will encourage a child to pick up a book and read just so they can use the bookmark.

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Plastic Canvas Bookmarks for All Occasions book

All of the patterns in this book are beginner rated and there are color diagrams of the basic plastic canvas stitches in the back of the book.  They make an excellent quick reference when you are reading the directions, especially for finishing the piece.

For each pattern, the diagram is printed as well as a photo of the finished bookmark.  That makes it extremely easy to follow the instructions.

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  1. Darling designs for bookmarks. And what a clever idea to create them to use as gift tags on Christmas or birthday gifts. Perhaps use these handmade bookmarks on the gift of a book, as an extra gift that can be used and enjoyed. It would become a steady reminder of the sweet person who gave you the gift.

  2. Very cute! I love doing Plastic Canvas! I have a ton of my tutorials at my blog and at Jaquo magazine. <3

  3. I love working with plastic canvas. These look like a lot of fun to make. The bookmarks are a great idea for kids to make as gifts, too.

  4. I can't think of a better way for a needlework klutz like me to start. Bookmarks are right up my alley. I've never done any plastic canvas or any other needlework for about fifty years.

  5. I luuuuv plastic canvas. Im 36 and have been making things since i was 12. It is for sure my career. Ive made 1000's upon 1000's of plastic canvas pieces that i have 2 rooms of pieces and rooms at my mothers house full of the things ive made. Im sort of obsessed and dont plan on curbing it. I especially like these, the worms and ghosts. Im really into halloween pattern. Im glad i came across these patterns.


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