Quilted Mantel Cover Patterns for Christmas Decorating

I love making my own Christmas decor and I know many of you do too!  Making these beautiful quilted Christmas mantel covers can be quicker than taking on some of the larger quilting projects like full quilts.  Plus, they are a unique and creative way to display your sewing and quilting talent.

A quilting project can often take several months, depending on how much time you have each week that you can dedicate to a craft or sewing project.

When my children were little, I attended an organized quilting group each week just to make sure I had time scheduled for fun and quilting. My children are grown now and those school schedules and carpools are behind me. However, I find I still need to make time for me and my projects. Even something as simple as housework and cooking can dominate my days and I'm at the end of the week before I know it.

Looking through pattern books, making plans and selections, then jumping right into a project will often give me the encouragement I need to get started. Once I begin, I'm not likely to set a project aside before it is finished.

Adorable Quilted Christmas Mantel Covers

Decorating with gingerbread men is always a popular design.  This quilted mantel cover has the appearance of a garland of gingerbread men strung together and stretched over the fireplace.  You could even make and use one of these mantel pieces for your buffet by simply using a wider piece of  fabric to cover the top of your buffet.  Then let the gingerbread men drape drown the front of your buffet.

Quilted Mantel Cover Patterns on Ebay
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The Christmas Mantel Covers Quilting Book

This book contains 7 different patterns.  Winter scenes are popular during the holidays, but the book also includes the more traditional quilters Dresden plate design shown in green and red fabric pieces.  Grab the book, choose your favorite design, and get started on your new quilting project today!

Christmas Mantel Covers quilting patterns book

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