Pearl Angel Ornament Kits

These Tiny Pearl Angels are such beautiful ornaments on the Christmas tree.  

Angels are often a large part of the Christmas decorations in many homes, including my own.  The one thing that is always extremely important to me is the angel's face.  I want her to have a pretty face.  That actually makes it much harder for me to find Christmas angels that suit my tastes.  Fortunately, the tiny pearl angels in this kit do not have faces, so that is not even a consideration.  Their heads are simply a large pearl.  Their dresses, wings and halos are made of tiny pearls strung together to create the shapes.
Tiny Pearl Angels Kit - Makes 8 Angels
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The kit includes everything you need to make 8 tiny pearl angels.   The finished angels will be approximately 2" each.  Both the blue flowers and the pink flowers are in the packages which allows you to decide the color of their "bouquets".  Otherwise, they are completely white.

As with just about any feature on this Christmas Craft Collection site, these angels would be beautiful for our own Christmas tree.  Plus, they make gorgeous gifts to loved ones.  Since they will be handmade by you, I have no doubt anyone would treasure them and think of you each time they hang them on their trees. 

Since the kit has sufficient supplies to make 8 angels, you could even divide them up into multiple gifts for Christmas while keeping a couple for yourself.

My mother gave me an angel several years ago.  I hung her from the light in our den.  After the first Christmas, I actually forgot to take her down and store her until the next year.  Since then, she has become a permanent decoration in my home.  To this day, she still hangs from the same light where she is a constant reminder of the real angel in my life, my mother.

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  1. How sweet that your mother's gift of an angel to you has become a permanent part of your home decor. These angels in this kit look so beautiful and I can see why they would become a special addition to my own Christmas Tree ornaments and for those of my extended family.

  2. These are so cute. I've been looking for a new ornament craft & this just might work. Love the angel reminder ... sometimes forgetting something actually works out to our benefit.


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