A Crochet Christmas ~ Crochet Pattern Book

There is truly nothing more beautiful than a handmade crochet Christmas decoration!  I especially love the crocheted decorations made with white crochet thread.  Something about the combination of a delicate crochet stitch and white crochet cotton, just seems so pure, fragile and heavenly. 

I guess that is why I love "A Crochet Christmas" so much.  It is full of crochet patterns that recommend size 10 white crochet cotton.  Each finished decoration is stunningly gorgeous and will make a beautiful addition to your Christmas decor or a lovely cherished gift.

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An experienced crocheter will be able to tell at first glance that there are several patterns, including the angel on the front cover, that require an intermediate skill level, but there are also several easy patterns included in the book.

Each of the crocheted ornaments pictured below, are rated as easy skill level, as well as the garland in the photo above.

Either of these handmade decorations would be a precious treasure that could be handed down for many generations.

NOTE:  I'm sorry, but this item is currently sold out!  Please visit the House of Sylvestermouse eBayStore to View Available Crochet Books.

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  1. OK, the crocheted Angel is stunning - but I do love the bell and it matches my skill level a little better. Besides, I have several beautiful handed down bells on my tree and this crocheted on will make a gorgeous addition!

  2. There is nothing prettier than Christmas crochet. My tree is covered with crocheted snowflakes. These patterns are fabulous!

  3. Crochet is so beautiful, so pure and delicate. While I do not sew, I so appreciate the needlework of others! Love to look!

  4. I AM going to crochet Christmas decorations this year, far in advance, so I am going to be reading more of your blog for ideas!


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