Tis the Season to Crochet Book

Tis the Season to Crochet Book
For those of us who love to crochet, any season is the right season to crochet.  However, crochet patterns specifically for Christmas decor and fashion, are often a lot of fun to make.  Plus, crocheted items are fabulous gifts to give to loved ones and friends!

Tis the Season to Crochet is packed with wonderful crochet patterns.  The crocheted penguins on the front book cover are only the beginning.  The book also includes crochet patterns for ornaments, tree skirts, stockings, afghans and other home decor.  Plus, it features patterns for beautiful sweaters and fun holiday hats in fashion.

There are approximately 50 holiday crochet patterns in "Tis the Season to Crochet".  The skill level for the patterns varies from easy to intermediate.


Here Are Some Patterns in Tis the Season to Crochet

As you can see for yourself, there are enough patterns in the 150 pages in this book to keep you busy crocheting for many seasons!
Tis the Season to Crochet Book

Crocheted Gifts

Even though I crochet myself, I have been blessed over the years to be gifted with crocheted items made by friends.  These gifts are easily among my favorites, and most cherished gifts ever received.  Perhaps, that is partly true because I know how much work goes into making them and I recognize that every inch of the yarn was lovely touched by my precious friends.

However, I don't think you have to be a crocheter to recognize the beauty or value of a crocheted gift.  Neither my mother nor my daughter crochet, yet they always appreciate a handmade gift.  Not only that, they use them!

There really is no greater compliment to a crafter of any kind, than to see their creation being used, loved, and cherished.

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