Red Cardinal Ornaments Plastic Canvas Kit

Many of us associate red cardinals with Christmas decor and think of them as the perfect Christmas ornament for a tree.  After all, we often see brightly colored birds perching in trees in nature and stop to enjoy their beautiful appearance against the green and brown colors of a tree.

Making pretty Christmas tree ornaments doesn't have to be hard.  Using the Red Cardinal plastic canvas ornaments kit actually makes it quite easy.  You don't even have to gather supplies because everything you need is included in the kit.

These plastic canvas cardinals would not only be perfect Christmas tree decorations, but they would make awesome Christmas gifts, or even lovely additions to the gifts wrapping.  They would be very pretty dangling from the gift box or from the Christmas tree limb.

This kit contains supplies to make 6 cardinal ornaments.  You could even split them up, give them in sets of two and cover multiple gifts.  Perhaps even keeping 2 of them for your own tree.  Most of us end of giving away the crafts we make and never getting to keep and enjoy them ourselves.  Wouldn't it be wonderful to have a few of your cardinals for yourself.

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