SNOWMAN & TREES Set of 3 Beaded Sequin Christmas Ornaments Kit

I always love the ornament kits that come with more than one ornament to make!  They simply make me feel like I am getting more for my money.  I also love the idea of having a "set" of complimentary ornaments for my tree or display.   These "In the Meadow" snowman and tree ornaments are absolutely fabulous!

They are all covered with beads and sequins that will shimmer as the Christmas lights catch them at  just the right angle.  Plus, I really like that the snowman is in a more natural outdoor setting. Aren't those trees gorgeous!

The trees and the snowman ornaments each make a lovely decoration all by themselves.  But together, they are marvelous.

In the Meadow Snowman & Trees Beaded Ornament Kit
Snowman & Trees
In The Meadow Ornament Kit

The In the Meadow Snowman & Trees Ornaments Kit

This kit comes with the Styrofoam ornament forms, the beads, sequins, and pins to make the all three ornaments.  One snowman and two trees.  

The little berry beads for the tree tops and the snowman's hat tassel that are also included in this kit, give these ornaments a little extra touch of awesomeness!  

In the photo, these ornaments are set on a table top instead of hung on the tree.  For this particular set of ornaments, I really do think that is a wonderful idea.  Especially if you display a Christmas village table top set for the holidays.  They would make the perfect additions to your little village "yard". 

The snowman and tree ornaments are so cute, you will probably want to purchase more than one kit.  They would sure make pretty gifts to give to anyone, even to someone who won't be putting up a Christmas tree.  And, of course, you will want at least one set for yourself.


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