Sequin Red Cardinals Ornament Kit

When I was a little girl, I was fascinated by the birds on my grandmother's Christmas tree.  She loved the outdoors and all of the beautiful birds that serenaded her daily during the milder weather seasons.  I know she greatly missed their songs during the winter months.  She payed tribute to her feathered friends by adding them to her Christmas tree. 

My grandmother's bird ornaments were scattered throughout her Christmas tree just like the real birds were scattered throughout her real trees outside.

I loved my grandmother and I share her love for beautiful wild birds.  I always enjoy listening to their calls and watching the flash of color dart from branch to branch.  The brilliant red Cardinal against the green leaves and foliage or the blue sky always catches my eye whether it is sitting still or flying through the air.  I guess that is one of the reasons why it is one of my personal favorites on the Christmas tree.  Of course, the Cardinal's red color is perfect for Christmas.

Red Cardinals Sequin Ornaments ~
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These sequin red cardinal ornament kits include everything needed to make 8 beautiful sequin ornaments.  The little birds are sure to add beauty and delight as they sparkle from the branches of any Christmas tree. 

NOTE:  I'm sorry, but this item is currently sold out!  Please visit the House of Sylvestermouse eBayStore to View Available Ornament Kits.

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  1. Oh, you got to my heart with these beautiful red birds. Cardinals are one of my favorite birds and they work so well to add to a Christmas tree. I think I have found my new craft project to work.


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