Cross Stitch Christmas Hand Towels

A lovely addition to home decor during the holidays is a set of Christmas hand towels in the guest bathroom. Or, perhaps you would rather treat yourself to a lovely set of towels. The cardinal chalet hand towels would be adorable in either restroom or even in the kitchen. They make a pleasant greeting wherever you choose to place them.

The red berries and green holly are the perfect colors for Christmas decor. However, these hand towels could be used throughout the winter months. For those of us who love birds, this cardinal flying to his safe home would even remind us to set out food for our feathered friends during the harsh winter months when easy food is scarce.

 Cardinal Cross Stitch Hand Towels
Cardinal Chalet Cross Stitch Hand Towels kit


Cardinal Chalet Cross Stitch Hand Towels Kit

This set of two hand towels for you to cross stitch is technically referred to as a kit since the package includes two stamped hand towels.  However, the floss is not included with the towels.  That is not necessarily a bad thing though.  That actually allows us to select the hue of color that best suits our own home decor.  Personally, I tend to prefer a darker green than the traditional Christmas green.  I also have a very specific preference in my selection of reds.  I like what I refer to as a real red, not an orange red.  So, for me and probably some of you, selecting my own floss to use when cross stitching is most often a preference.

The hand towels are stamped with the design on poly/cotton blend 19" x 34" towels.

Not only would these hand towels be beautiful in your own home, but they would also make a fabulous handmade gift for someone you love.  Perhaps, you could keep one towel for yourself and give the second one as a gift to someone special.

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