Knit Noel Knitting Pattern Book

Knit Noel Knitting Patterns Book
For those of us who knit, there are few things better than a book full of knitting patterns, especially easy knitting patterns.   

Knit Noel is chock-full of fabulous knitting patterns.  In this book, there are patterns for stockings, afghans, and other Christmas home decor.  It also features patterns for sweaters, knitted belts, scarves purses and more patterns for apparel.  Any finished item in this book, would make a wonderful Christmas gift for loved ones and one that would be cherished by the recipient.

Each pattern in the book has a skill level rating so you know before you start if the pattern is a good choice for you.  A knitter can tell by looking at the photos, that most of the stockings are going to have an "intermediate" skill level, but I love that the book includes fast and easy patterns as well.

Knit Noel Knitting Patterns Book

Beginner Patterns in Knit Noel

For Beginners, never fear, there are several patterns in this book that are gorgeous and just for you!  The garter stitch afghan shown below is one of the beginner pattern, yet it looks quite impressive finished.

Knit Noel knitting pattern book for sale

Easy Patterns in Knit Noel 

The easy patterns in a knitting books are always appreciated.  Even a knitter who is quite skilled in the craft enjoys an easy pattern they could make quickly to give as a gift.  The wrap pictured before is one of the easy knitting patterns included in this book.

Knit Noel Knitting Pattern Book

See More Knitting Patterns Included in Knit Noel 

There are over 50 knitting patterns included in this book.  You can see more photos by clicking here:  Knit Noel on Ebay.  Of course, you can also purchase the book by clicking that link and I know any knitter will love this book.  If you don't knit yourself, but you know a knitter, you might consider giving them the book as a gift.  But, do be sure to mark your favorite pattern with a bookmark.  You just might gind you are the recipient of a fabulous handmade gift yourself.

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