Candy Canes have long been associated with Christmas!  We see the candy sticks hanging on Christmas trees, added to stockings, often featured in Santa's bag of goodies, part of outdoor decor displays, and used in lots of fabulous crafts.  The are even crashed to use in recipes or added to hot drinks as seasonal decor.  These candy cane ornaments are the perfect beaded ornament for anyone, even those who do not celebrate Christmas.

My own grandmother used to decorate her Christmas tree with candy canes.  Kids young and old were welcome to grab a snack right off the tree.  From my point of view, I didn't want anyone to take one because I didn't want my grandmother's decorations removed, but the family seemed to enjoy eating the candy nonetheless.  These ornaments are a fabulous reminder of that tradition without using real candy that could grow stale.  

Double Candy Cane Ornaments Kit
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Double Candy Cane Beaded Ornament Kit

The ornament kit includes the wire, beads, pins, the ribbon embellishment and the hanging cord.  There are enough supplies to make 2 candy cane ornaments in the kit.

I suspect the color of candy canes has a lot to do with the reason why they are so popular at Christmas.  The red and white are perfect!  The green bow on these ornaments literally ties in the second traditional color of the season.  Not only would the ornaments be beautiful hanging on the tree, but they would make lovely ornamentation for gifts.  Therefore, you would be giving the recipient two gifts.  Whatever is in the box, plus the candy cane ornament to hang on their tree for many years to come.

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  1. I like this idea, most especially for young people just starting out to build their own stash of ornaments. It's inexpensive and when made by a couple or a young family, can also be a happy memory of togetherness each year. Little things like this become a family tradition, and I can't think of any memory sweeter than making candy cane ornaments.